Dental implants are a well-known restorative dentistry procedure that can transform a broken and unhealthy smile into a beautiful new set of teeth, allowing you to live life to the fullest without being impeded by constant pain and discomfort. Traditional dental implants typically involve a surgical procedure and a follow-up to ensure that your custom implants are installed correctly. But did you know that it is now possible to complete an entire implant treatment in just one day?

Traditional Versus Same-Day Implants

With Teeth in a Day, we equip advanced technologies and safe practices to create the perfect set of implants while you are visiting our office. This alternative implant opportunity is a minimally invasive method of attaching new teeth to your jawbone for a permanent repair. Today, we are going to look at traditional versus same-day implants to see what healing strategy works best for you.

About Traditional Implants

As a long-standing dental procedure, implants provide high levels of protection and functionality, restoring your ability to chew and speak with ease. They are designed as a permanent treatment to remind you that dental healthcare has no deadline. In fact, implants specialists make your new set of teeth last by attaching them to a healthy and strong portion of your jawbone.

Patients who need extensive dental work done can greatly benefit from permanent, traditional dental implants. They offer lasting results and an excellent fit, feeling like a completely natural set of second teeth after a short recovery period. Conventional implants are highly individualized for patients looking for years and years of benefits from the most successful restorative dentistry procedure in the world.

About Teeth in a Day

As a minimally invasive alternative to conventional implants, Teeth in a Day will allow you to benefit from all the major perks of regular implants without going through such an extensive process. With a faster healing rate, Teeth in a Day is a great option for patients who need light tooth replacement or arch restoration.

Teeth in a Day is not recommended for those who want full bone grafting or who are in need of major restoration. This advanced procedure is designed to treat one or two missing teeth in patients who have an otherwise healthy bill of oral health. These implants are not always permanent as they do not fully integrate with the jawbone to fuse with the mouth. While our specialists recommend our same-day implants to patients in need of an instant but semi-permanent solution, those in need of long-term restoration may be better off with traditional procedures.

Working with an Implants Specialist

Choosing between traditional dental implants and same-day implants might seem difficult without consulting a professional. During your initial appointment, you will be able to tell the dentist about the extent of your dental damage, which may be so severe that you do not qualify for same-day treatments. Depending on the area and intensity of your restoration needs, you might become the perfect candidate for one of our dental implants options. While conventional dental implants require a longer process, they guarantee full integration with your gums and jawbone, which is a better option for some. Teeth in a Day is great for patients in need of a quick fix.

Inquire About Dental Implants Today

You cannot continue living with missing, broken, or severely impacted teeth. This will cause your oral health to worsen over time, leading to more intensive restoration needs. Dental implants can offer you a permanent set of teeth to fill in dangerous gaps and fix any major misalignments. If you need just one or two teeth replaced, you might be the perfect candidate for our brand-new Teeth in a Day treatment. Visit our local periodontist in LA to book your personal consultation today.


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