Dental implants are an excellent option for replacing your missing or severely damaged teeth. With proper care, the implant itself can last a lifetime, and the crown will only need to be replaced every 15-20 years. With that said, dental implants are not full-proof.

Mistakes to Avoid with Dental Implants

Certain mistakes could negatively affect your experience with your dental implants. These are some of the most common dental implant mistakes and the ways you can avoid them when you get your own dental implants in Los Angeles.

Not Disclosing a Complete Medical History

Placing a dental implant requires oral surgery. The actual implant itself has to be drilled into the jawbone so that the jaw can heal around it, sealing the implant in. That makes factors like bleeding, healing, and general recovery very important.

Your periodontist will check that the bone in your jaw is strong enough to sustain a dental implant. Then it is up to you that they are aware of all health conditions you have and all the medications you are taking. 

Providing a complete medical history will allow your periodontist to accurately predict your risks and make adjustments to their approach as necessary. In some cases, a specific medical condition may require that you look into other tooth replacement options, but it is for your own safety. 

Ignoring the Need for Recovery

Oral surgery is taxing on your body. For the first few weeks, your sutures will be vulnerable, so following your periodontist’s instructions is crucial. Make sure you do not exceed the activity level suggested at each stage of your recovery.

In addition to monitoring physical exertion, make sure you follow all instructions related to eating and drinking. Ignoring any post-surgical instruction could result in you busting your stitches and needing further medical intervention. 

Allowing Dental Hygiene to Lapse

A dental implant may not be a real tooth, but it still requires daily maintenance. Flossing and brushing daily will help to keep your dental implant looking brand new. At the same time, it maintains the health of your gums. 

Without the support of your gums, your dental implant may not have the structural integrity required to keep up with normal chewing. There is a risk of serious injury if you develop severe gum disease as a result of allowing your daily dental hygiene to lapse. 

Not Communicating with Your Periodontist

Whenever you meet with your periodontist in Los Angeles it is important that you communicate issues as they arise. If something feels off, then tell your periodontist as soon as possible.

There is a chance that it’s nothing, but you won’t know that until your periodontist has a look. Keeping an open line of communication is the best way to ensure that all potential issues are caught as early as possible. 

Skipping Bi-Annual Visits to Your Dentist’s Office

Meeting with your dentist once every six months is a golden opportunity to have your natural teeth and dental implants checked out. While it is relatively rare for people to have serious complications, they can and do occur in some cases. 

Going to see your dentist twice a year reduces the risk of any complication becoming more serious. By examining your gums, x-rays, and visible oral surfaces your dentist will be able to detect tell-tale signs of ongoing damage. 

Protecting Your Dental Implants

The vast majority of dental implants succeed and go on to last for literal decades. The best way to ensure that you are one of that majority is to listen to your periodontist’s instructions. And tell them when you think something might be wrong. 


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