Dental implant procedures are becoming more popular than ever for patients who have to replace missing teeth. Their efficacy and increasingly streamlined installation work to make them appealing. But are dental implant procedures painful>

Are Dental Implant Procedures Painful?

Unfortunately, one of the most common misconceptions is that the procedure is painful, which proves a stumbling block for many people. That is why we’ve put together a short guide explaining the process of receiving a dental implant and what level of discomfort you might expect. 

The Root of the Misconception

A dental implant has to be physically drilled into the jawbone in order to provide the anchor your prosthetic tooth needs. It’s completely understandable that the thought might cause someone to hesitate, but the fear is largely irrational. Bone pain without anesthetic would be incredibly painful, but we live in the world of modern medicine. As a result of improvements to medical science, you shouldn’t feel any pain during the placement of your dental implant. 

After Your Procedure

Of course, the anesthetic will eventually wear off. At that time, you can certainly expect some discomfort, but the antibiotics and pain killers provided by your dentist at LA Wilshire Periodontics will be more than enough to keep any pain at bay. In fact, if you are experiencing any significant pain, you should make an emergency appointment with your dentist. Any serious pain is likely the result of an improperly placed dental implant or an infection. Both of these are exceedingly rare, especially if you follow all of your dentist’s instructions. 

In the event of a run-of-the-mill procedure, you can expect to be sore. You will also likely experience swelling for a few days. After the third day, you should notice that these symptoms have started to subside, but you’ll likely feel some level of discomfort for about ten days after the procedure. 

Following Medical Instructions

During your recovery, it’s important to take your medications as instructed. It is still relatively common for patients to not finish a course of antibiotics or to skip a painkiller because they feel fine. These medications were prescribed to stave off infection and protect you from serious discomfort to ensure the best possible results for you. So do your best to follow your dentist’s advice after you get home. 

As long as everything goes well, you should cease to feel any discomfort about two weeks after your procedure. At this stage, your implant is usually well on its way to being fully integrated into your jawbone. However, you shouldn’t just assume that everything went according to plan. Everyone heals at their own pace, so it’s important to attend your follow-up appointments to keep an eye on the process. 

Variations in Experience

Although everyone’s experience with dental implants will follow a similar path, individual circumstances may require some variation. When you decide to get dental implants in Los Angeles, your first step will be x-rays and a visual examination. These steps allow your dentist to ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. 

If there is any residual gum disease or bone loss in the jaw, you may have additional steps added to your journey. The good news is that treating gum disease and getting a bone graft don’t have to be painful either. With a good dentist, the proper anesthetic, and quality aftercare, you should never experience more than an ache after any one of your visits. 

In addition to the possibility of extra steps along the way, some patients might experience a longer period of healing. This is especially true for older patients or patients who smoke. But you should still heal well with a little bit of patience. To learn more about what your dental implant journey might look like, talk to your local periodontist. 


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